We help and advise you to buy or sell your property, with total discretion

Sales and Purchase of Estates


We have a varied range of estates, some of the best in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Hungary… We can offer you the property that you are looking for by location, extension (from 250 hectares to 6000 hectares, and with the qualities you want. We have estates in many provinces, with different extensions and with varied infrastructures.

We advise you on all the details of the characteristics and potential of the estate and we help you to find the one that best suits your wishes and needs. We will not have you waste your time on aimless travel.


We look for the right buyer for your estate, we do not make unnecessary visits. We have a portfolio of real buyers.

Professionalism, Seriousness and Quality

Cañones Sercicios Cinegéticos
Cañones Hunting Services, president in Spain of FEDFA (European Federation of Deer Farmers)