Game Estate Management

The management of any game estate can be easy or complicated, based on the fact that each farm has particular characteristics which make it different from the others. Therefore, each must have its specific management and not a general model. It is very important to be able to do this by optimizing the resources and adjusting the costs and overheads to achieve the objective set.

Cañones Game Services specializes in game estates; we extensive experience and with very positive results that vouch for us.

Our work is based on an exhaustive and detailed study of the conditions of the estate.

  • Stock densities by species.
  • Alimentation.
  • Water.
  • Condition of vegetation.

Improvement plan consisting of:

  • Selection of animal, looking for the best genetics.
  • Achieving the ideal balance between the number of animals and the characteristics of the estate.
  • Repopulation if necessary, to refresh the existing blood and to improve the quality in a reasonable time.
  • Improvement of pastures from land studies with analysis of PH and rainfall, creating a seed mix specific to each estate, offering a complete and balanced diet, complemented by our varied supply of feed.

Continuous and rigorous monitoring of the plan and the objectives set.

Regular visits to the estate, which may vary depending on the time of year, and permanent communication with property and day care.


Integral Management.

If you need to cover all the daily needs of your estate, we provide you with our specialized team consisting of:

  • Trappers.
  • Engineers.
  • Veterinaries.
  • Nutritionists.
  • Realization of all agricultural and forestry works (enclosures, marshes, reforestation, grubbing, clearing, pruning, gps measurements, etc.)
  • Management of grant application process.
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Countryside management.
  • Technical hunting plans.
  • Forest fire prevention plans.
  • Projects of hunting management.
  • Animal breeding areas and Game farms.
  • Plans for adaptation of game and livestock stocks.
  • Hydrological-forestry projects.
  • Ecological recovery projects for degraded areas.
Cañones Sercicios Cinegéticos
Cañones Hunting Services, president in Spain of FEDFA (European Federation of Deer Farmers)