Game Alimentation

Our feeding program is based on many years of FIELD EXPERIENCE, studying game species in all their facets; the genetic and behavioral as well as organic and pathological, evaluating evidence from tests on experimental farms and from the UCLM – the most prestigious cervid farm in Spain and the second most important in the world in the field of game production – and with the help of the scientific and research group in animal nutrition, PROVIMI – considered the most important in the world in this sector.

This has led our nutritionists, technicians and veterinarians to the elaboration of a feeding program for game species, of unique quality on the market.

For the manufacture of all our HIGH PERFORMANCE GAME FEED WE EMPLOY THE LATEST AND MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD IN OUR SECTOR. All the vitamins incorporated are thermo-protected, to avoid volatilization or loss in the manufacturing process of the feed: the essential selenium is incorporated in an encapsulated form, part of the protein is by-pass. We also incorporate a high technology BUFFER, which favors the maximum assimilation of all of the minerals and vitamins, and most importantly, all of the components are perfectly balanced in order to achieve the desired results in the trophy animals.

In our ongoing effort to further improve our feed, we have incorporated a product that strengthens the animal immune system and the latest innovation, since January 2017, is a mycotoxin sequestering product.

This full combination of research, technology and labor is present in CAÑONES NU GAME FEEDS, which contribute decisively to the maximum utilization of organic and genetic potential of the animals to achieve a healthy and balanced growth, able to develop exceptional trophies – the best in Spain and Europe.

To achieve the desired results, it is vital to follow the directions of the technician.

We are specialized in incorporating deworming and specific treatments in feed.


  • Specific feed for deer.
  • Greater digestibility and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Especially for fawns: that enhance growth and early development.
  • Maintenance: nutrient-rich to build a stock in advance of new horn generation.
  • Trophy: allowing the animal to produce the best horn that their genetic potential permits.
  • Supervision by qualified technicians.


  • A very appetizing and digestible feed, to nourish the fawns at this critical stage of their lives, as it is the period of maximum growth.
  • This feed carries a perfectly EQUILIBRATED set of minerals and vitamins (protected so as not to lose properties in the feed-production process), with four proteins that contribute to the maximum growth of the fawns in a healthy and balanced way.


  • It is the result of exhaustive research, with the collaboration of institutions and organizations over many years. The result is a feed which decisively aids greater horn growth and thickness.
  • It is a high protein feed, with four differences – one its high digestibility and by-pass, with a perfect BALANCE of vitamins (protected so as not to lose properties in the feed-production process) and minerals, to be able to provide all of the micro-elements necessary for the stag, in this stage which is so important and decisive for the growth and development of the horn. It is given from early January to correal loss.
  • In addition, to enhance the assimilation of these nutrients, we have incorporated a pre-digester which allows a capture of close to 100%.
  • This has resulted in a field-proven feed with outstanding results and demonstrated that CAÑONES TROPHY FEED is the star of our game alimentation programs and of the market.


  • Deer feed: designed to nourish the deer at all times of the year except during the period of horn-growth, very digestible and nutritious, with three different proteins and a set of minerals and vitamins (protected to avoid loss of properties in the feed-production process), perfectly BALANCED.
  • Completed with a high technology BUFFER, giving 100% assimilation of all of the minerals and vitamins as it acts from the rumen to the rectum.
  • This combination meets all of the needs of the deer, and prepares them perfectly to realize their full genetic potential when the period of antler growth arrives.



  • This product is designed for the feed manufacturing process, and also to incorporate in unifeed mixtures, etc.
  • Adding 10% to our deer meals will give an excellent maintenance feed for deer.
  • Adding 12-14% to our deer meals will give an extraordinary feed for antler production.
  • For advice on use, formulation and mixtures, our expert team of nutritionists is at your disposal.


Extraordinary corrector designed for production process of feed, cereal mixtures, or to incorporate in unifeed mixtures, etc.

Used in proportion range of 1% to 5% maximum for our cervids, depending on the recommendations of the technician, the season and the raw materials used to manufacture the feed or unifeed mix. We obtain an extraordinary special game feed, the most complete food for the maximum development of the trophy.

For advice on use, formulation and mixtures, we recommend you consult our team of nutritionists.


This vitamin-mineral block is made from the same core as our feed. We can manufacture blocks to order in special cases, in accordance with the characteristics of the farm. They are the ideal complement to the diet our animals have in the mountains.


  • On farms we seek PRODUCTION.
  • Pregnant-lactating females, with more animals per delivery and more milk.
  • Starter shoats.
  • Shoat growth.
  • For the males we seek the maximum TUSK GROWTH and minimum fat cover for better performance in the field.


  • High-palatability feed for adults boars, low in calories and the fat, which incorporates a corrector; technically designed to prevent liver disorders and levels of minerals which ensure correct and fastest growing tusks in males (scientifically proven).


  • This product is designed for the feed manufacturing process, and also to incorporate in unifeed mixtures, etc.
  • Adding 10% to the ration of our wild boars, we obtain a special meal with very similar characteristics to Trofeo Cañones NU boar feed.
  • For advice on use, formulation and mixtures, our expert team of nutritionists is at your disposal.


  • Feed for wild boar sows (pregnant and lactating), intended to maintain the females in optimal health; it incorporates a high-tech product designed to achieve the MAXIMUM NUMBER OF LIVE YOUNG PER DELIVERY, and to stimulate the flow of milk in the udders, to ensure the survival of the litter.
  • Specific product for farms.


  • Lactic feed for the initiation of shoats, high digestibility and designed to prevent the diarrhea and digestive disorders so very common in the introduction to feed (without medication). Achieving optimal growth and good adaptation to growth feed in a healthy and natural form.


  • Especially for roe deer, to supply from early October to the loss of correal.
  • This feed is manufactured with cereal flakes, designed to provide our roe deer with highly digestible protein and the vitamins and minerals necessary in a feed of exceptional quality.
  • Highly digestible and assimilable to produce exceptional trophies.
  • Designed especially for the roe deer digestive system (different to other deer).
  • Digestibility and maximum assimilation.
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Cañones Hunting Services, president in Spain of FEDFA (European Federation of Deer Farmers)